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Our mission is to improve the website visibility, encourage online engagement with appealing website design and to increase sales for our clients. By utilizing a multi-channel marketing approach, advertising success is insured with a Money Back Guarantee!

Coupeville_Oak_Harbor_Langley_Whidbey_Marketing“Island Life Web Design provided a great way to reach new customers!
They ran a print promotion where they created and posted ads throughout the local business community.
This allowed a variety of new customers an opportunity to try our pizza and get a nice discount!
It was a unique way for us to get daily exposure.
Thank you Island Life!”
Hans V King, Papa Murphy’s

Island Life Website Design. Inc. is dedicated to improving sustainability and growth within the local, small-business community!

Our services include a combination of website design, Search Engine Optimization and mixed-channel media approaches.

By providing easy to understand tracking and accountability, clients are able to follow their websites growth rate.

basic html or wordpress websites

Does your site have simple needs?... Between 5-20 pages, information pages, blog articles, photo & video galleries, contact forms?
If creating a custom site design is not crucial, you can choose an amazing html or wordpress site and let Island Life Design customize it to reflect your brand. The end result will be a high-functioning site at a fraction of the cost of a more involved custom designed site.
Pricing for basic sites generally range between $1,000 - $4,000.

custom html or wordpress websites

Your site needs everything; custom design, full editing capabilities, articles, galleries, surveys, data management, e-commerce, mass emails, catalogs, secure pages, member login areas and expert programming for custom applications.
Custom CMS wordpress businesses sites include the easiest, most powerful tools to manage the growth and management of their online assets.
Pricing for custom sites generally range between $4,000 - $10,000+.

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    The Best Looking Websites

    That look great on every device!

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    Supporting the Community

    Island Life works Pro Bono with nonprofits.

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    A Focus On Integrity

    Building Reputations and Relationships!

    Island Life Website Design is a Christian Business and Island Life Design seeks to glorify God.

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    A Focus on Ethics & Integrity

    We build strong relationships with clients and conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity. Our ethics include full disclosure, in writing, and there are never hidden or unforeseen additional costs added to our prices.

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    Island Life Performs Acts of Service

    Island Life has a long standing of being active within our community and support both local and international nonprofits, including the Defender Foundation, the Senior Services of Island County, Ryans House` and the Children's Home Society & Family Services.

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    Success is our Purpose

    Our existence depends on your success. Island Life Design enables clients to reach the broadest range of potential clients. Island Life Design looks to saturate the market, provide multiple interest streams, achieve goals, and get your marketing on the winning track.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO), is the process of improving a website’s rankings on search engines such as Google or Bing. In today's world, if you're not listed online, with a great looking mobile website, you're invisible to a large swath of potential customers.

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    #1 Google, Yahoo & Bing Rankings

    3 years as a Google Agency, 200 #1 search term rankings and 1000's of first page listings. Island Life knows the secret ingredients needed to increase traffic and improve your organic ranking, to get your website to the first page!

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    Full Marketing Accountability

    Island Life Design utilizes easy to read progress reports to track and analyze every effort and expense. Island Life Design personally meets with our clients to review reports and brainstorm new approaches. Our personal service and transparency set Island Life apart.

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Recent Testimonial

"Sean Callahan, at Island Life Marketing, helped create a new and fresh themed website for our vacation cottage.
The quality of work, Sean’s knowledge and quick turnaround got us taking reservations in a hurry.
His photography rivals other great professionals in the industry.
We have so many great comments about our web design and pictures used and we have seen a new increase in revenue since the creation of our website:
We would highly recommend using Island Life Design & Marketing for your business!

Dave Steckman
Innkeeper, Cozy Harbor Cottage
Whidbey Island, WA

Island Life Web Design, Inc.

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